Colors Corridor came into existence in August 2009 as an e-art gallery to promote various art forms, primarily paintings of contemporary Indian geniuses. The art gallery, built with the bricks of passion, showcased the classiest works of existing and in-the-making virtuosos.

In mid-2021, Colors Corridor got rebranded as Ink-Art, and the founder of Colors Corridor got in touch with Insight Markaton to help in rebranding and building a best in class art digital platform to showcase a wide spectrum of art forms like paintings, sketches, drawings, and sculptures catering to Indian and international clients.

The platform has been carefully designed keeping in mind the founding vision of the gallery: To be art-centric. It offers an ideal user-friendly and intuitive platform to showcase famed artists and their art. Further, it strives to play a vital role in championing the cause of gifted artists, empowering them to make it big in the commercial art arena.

On the whole, the platform showcases a huge collection that epitomizes the best of Indian art, where the passion for art meets the purity of heart.