Automate Marketing Has Marketing Automation increased traffic for your business
or converted more customers?
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Connected Customer Experience We put your Customers at the heart, soul and centre of our marketing
initiatives and services.
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Bridging Gaps Converting potential leads to loyal customers through Strategic
Marketing Interventions.
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Insight Markaton the smart software for personalized customer centric experiences START NOW learn more
Why Insight Markaton?
Insight Markaton gives you a seamless marketing platform to help build personalized experiences
  • One Stop Shop
  • Cost-Effective
  • Flexible
  • Designed to fit into the ecosystem

Marketing Automation Platform Core capabilities

Lead Management

Attracting and optimising channels ensuring customer conversions while generating revenue.

Email Marketing

Consistent customer engagement with personalized email campaigns.

Online Marketing

Intuitive, innovative page builder that caters to all your online marketing essentials.

Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

Value addition at every stage of the journey by engaging with customers on a content specific channel of their choice.

Dashboards and Reports

Gain marketing insights to build on customer satisfaction and drive growth.


Extend the functionality in your ecosystem with a plethora of plugins.
Services of
Insight Markaton
We constantly innovate, develop and improve solutions that fit best with your demands.
Re-imagine the Customer Journey
Our customers' perception is our reality and the foundation of our marketing strategy.
Digital Marketing
Our social media marketing, SEO, paid campaigns and digital content help build your brand affinity with customers
Marketing Strategy
Why settle for patchwork solutions when we can optimize your marketing strategies for better customer relationships.
Marketing Automation
The automation tool to guide, conceptualize and implement strategies aligned with specific customer goals.
Support & Services
Our hands-on sales and support teams ensure an immaculate customer experience.

The smarter way to grow

Markaton – the marketing software that helps expand your business while building great customer experiences